Recent Presentations

  • Present2018

    ``The 3RsAPP Planning and Managing University Resources``

    with Co-authors John Russell and Emil Gjorgov, at the Annual Conference, Kansas City, June 2018

  • Present2018

    “The Berlin Process: Prospects and Deliverables”

    at the International Conference on European Integration, Skopje, Macedonia, May 2018

  • Present2018

    “Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation”

    Annual Symposium, Findlay, April 2018

Recent Publications

  • Present2018

    “The Accredited University of Tomorrow: Accreditation, Creativity and International Recognition”

    with Dr. Emil Gjorgov, China-USA Business Review, March 2018 Issue: Vol 17 No 2.

  • Present2018

    “Three Fair Winds in European Sails”

    Chapter in Rethinking Migration, Economic Growth and Solidarity in Europe, February 2018

  • Present2017

    “Translating Pacioli: Recounting the Experience”

    Translation Journal October 2017 Issue: Vol 20 No 4.

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  • Present2012

    Leaving the Eurozone

    Co-author with Chris Payne, Kindle Edition, (Amazon Books, January 2012

  • Present2003

    The Supervisory Board’s Role: Strategic Planning

    Part III of Corporate Governance in Ukraine series, (Financial Markets International, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2003)

  • Present1994

    Particularis de Computis et Scripturis,

    a new translation of Luca Pacioli's AD 1494 text on Accounting. (Seattle, Washington; The Pacioli Society, November, 1994)

  • Present1994

    Applied Auditing, Revision

    Co-author (Center for Distance Education, University of Zimbabwe, 1994)

  • Present1971

    Domestic International Sales Corporations

    Co-author (Boston, Mass: Warren, Gorham, Lamont, 1971)

  • Present1969

    The Poems of Abderus Scott

    (Cornwall, England: Stanhope and Co., 1969)