Marriage in Sweden

Since 2009 Sweden possesses a gender neutral marital relationship laws, whichindicates that exact same gender pairs can easily acquire married under the exact same conditions as contrary sexual married couples. As a foreign resident without post degree residency in Sweden you can, in many cases, additionally acquire wed in Sweden.

Requirements and techniques when getting married

You don’ t must live( have post degree residency) in Sweden or have aswedish womencitizenship to obtain married in Sweden. If neither of the two possess Swedishcitizenship or even post degree residency in Sweden, they need possess post degree residency (or even one have citizenship and the various other one possess residency) in a nation where very same sexual activity alliance or relationship is actually legal.

Inquiry right into restraints to marriage

Before a pair can easily wed, the SwedishTax Company (Skatteverket) should administer a query right into impediments of marriage (hinderspr√∂vning). The couple needs to submit a written demand to the SwedishTax Obligation Company. Application forms, however only in Swedish, could be located at the Firm’ s web site.

According to Swedishlegislation, the adhering to are actually taken into consideration restraints to marital relationship:

  • being under the age of 18 (the County Administrative Board (L√§nsstyrelsen) can easily give an exemption from this rule)
  • being wedded or enrolled as partner to an individual besides the one you will marry
  • being very closely related to the individual you’ re going to marry; a linear straight ascendant or spin-off or even a total brother or sister. Used brother or sisters are actually looked at total brother or sisters due to the rule, but can receive approval to wed coming from the Region Administrative Panel, to marry.

When the SwedishTax Organization has made the query you obtain a certification presenting that the inquiry is actually completed and, if all goes well, a marital relationship certificate. The certification stands for four months coming from the time of accreditation. The certificates are actually to be given to the official conducting the marriage.

Foreigners certainly not living in Sweden

If the couple are immigrants certainly not residing in Sweden, they may simply get wed if bothof them possess a legal right to get married to or even sign up a partnership according to the rule of the state were they have residency or citizenship. It’ s adequate if bothof them have post degree residency, or even one of them has citizenship and the various other one has post degree residency, in a nation were the bride and groom possess a legal right to wed or even enroll a partnership.

If some of the them is a visit the link consumer or even have residency in Sweden, they might marry in Sweden even thoughthe additional husband or wife has residency or citizenship in a nation were it’ s illegal for same-sex married couples to acquire married/register a relationship.

The person without an official connection to Sweden must (among the entry of the composed request for a query into obstacles of relationship) make a private visit to a Tax Company office to supply relevant information about birthplace, birthplace, citizenship, sex, marital standing and also, if needed, submit a deed of separation or a deathcertificate of a former companion.

In instances where none of the prospective spouses possess a formal hookup, eachof all of them should provide either:

  • a marriage certificate given out througha qualified authority in their state of citizenship or even residency, or even
  • a certification showing the appropriate guidelines of rule in eachof their conditions of citizenship or even post degree residency and also a certification showing their marital condition. The certificates are actually merely authentic when provided througha proficient authorization in the state to whichthey relate, or by a seasoned birthplace authorization in Sweden (like a consular office or other comparable authority).

None of the certificates might be actually mucholder than 4 months.

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