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Recent Publications

  • “Managng Higher Education Effectively: the New Fiscal Reality", ACBSP Annual Conference
  • Analysis of the Motivational Orientation of and Learning Strategies Used by Students in an Auditing Capstone Course.
  • "CPC" the Commom Professional Component, ACBSP Annual Conference.
  • 2010:

  • “Study Abroad – A Faculty Manual”  Proceedings of the ACBSP Annual Conference, Los Angeles, June.
  • “Arabian Gulf Strategy for Security: Nuclear Symmetry” Gulf Studies Center, American University of Kuwait (awaiting publication).
  • “Global Diversity,” Proceedings of the ACBSP Annual Conference, San Antonio,USA.
  • “Higher Education in the GCC: The Emerging Model” 4th Kuwait Liberal Arts Conference, Kuwait, May.
  • “Islamic Finance: The Demand Factors,” Asian-Pacific Conference, Las Vegas, Nev.
  • “Islamic Banking: Risk, Trust, Culture” Ohio AAA Regional Meeting, Dayton Ohio.
  • “Philosophy of Islamic Banking” 3rd Kuwait Liberal Arts Conference, Kuwait
  • “Growth & Regrowth,” ACBSP Annual Conference, New Orleans, USA.
  • “Evaluating the MBA: Nature, Scope, and Consequences” 12th Annual Conference of the European Council for Business Education, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • “Prospects for Pensions: Short to Long-term,” 2nd Kuwait Liberal Arts Conference.
  • “Gulf Business Model: Other Invisible Hands,” Center for International Business Studies Conference, University of Reading, England.
  • “Cross Cultural Perspectives on the Work Ethic: Diversity, Discrimination and Ethics in Kuwait” Co-author, 12th International Engineering and Mgmt Conference, Florida
  • “Role of Liberal Arts in Business,” AUK Media & Technology Center Conference
  • “Regulations for Voluntary Pension Funds,” National Bank of Serbia, Belgrade.


  • Particularis de Computis et Scripturis, a new translation of Luca Pacioli's AD 1494 text on Accounting. (Seattle, Washington; The Pacioli Society, November, 1995)
  • Applied Auditing, Revision Co-author (Center for Distance Education, University of Zimbabwe, 1994)
  • Domestic International Sales Corporations, Co-author (Boston, Mass: Warren, Gorham, Lamont, 1971)
  • The Poems of Abderus Scott, (Cornwall, England: Stanhope and Co., 1969)

Text Chapter / Monograph

  • “Information Technology in Accounting” in Accounting Education and Research, 2 Vols. (New Delhi, India: Deep & Deep, 1998)
  • Understanding Financial Statements, Technical Adviser, USAID sponsored translation of Merrill Lynch copyright publication into Bulgarian, 2002
  • No-Referendum, Co-author, The Bow Group, London, England, 1975




Prof. Jeremy Cripps Phd, FCA, CPA